A bunch of pathetic unprincipled wretches – representatives of the great Indian democracy. Just about as pathetic are these silly FIIs and brokers.

The thought of Sonia Gandhi as PM makes me sick. Democracy is sometimes such a farce.

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  1. some thing we can do –

    • http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/petition/internet.htm

      (Snopes is blocked in KSA, but thank Google there’s a cache.)

      • E-petitions are the latest manifestation of slacktivism, the search for the ultimate feel-good that derives from having come to society’s rescue without having had to actually gets one’s hands dirty or open one’s wallet.

        Probably true, but I nevertheless think that e-petitions are not as purposeless as it may seem, so long as they are not rigged.

        If there are half a million genuine e-petition signatories against Sonia Gandhi, that is something the press should, and will probably highlight. It’s a useful datapoint, and a record of opposition. And slackvitism irrespective, that does make a statement.

        Btw, on an unrelated note, the wonderful KSA embassy rejected my visa app. My even more wonderful company is reapplying though.

  2. Well said… I share your sentiments.

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