something nice about the passport office…

…Well, actually, it wasn’t all that bad. I was reading this rather interesting book “The weightless world” (had had the good sense to take it with me to the passport office) when I struck up a good conversation with this guy sitting next to me. A 34 year old theology student, James somebody. Spent over an hour from 11:30-12:30 or so chatting with him. After a couple of minutes trying to explain what I did for a living, I veered the conversation to what he did. We ended up talking about Jesus Christ, The New Testament, Jews, Hebrew, Paul, Mathew, Dalits, Christian Dalits, conversions, Marx, Church and the society et. al. Got some interesting insights into theology – how it has moved from being something that was framed based on one’s own experiences to a largely academic and theoretical pursuit today, contextual theology – i.e. theology that got formulated based on the contextual setting of the times, the feminist movement or dalit literature for e.g. We were just beginning to discuss the more controversial items like conversions, when our numbers were called out. And you know the rest!

I think he was quite pleased and a wee bit surprised that I was able to get what he was saying. Which sort of encouraged him to delve more into his favourite subjects.

In short, a good conversation.


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