Pissed off…

…Bloody f***ing Regional Passport office. Had to go there to get my ECNR done. Reached there at around 8:40, the place opens at 9:30 and there were already over 100 people in the queue. When I entered the building, my passport and other documents were duly checked by a bloke sitting there. He mentioned that my driving license would not be valid as an address proof, but I had also brought my credit card statement with me. Which he said was fine, and so I got promoted to the first floor. As it turned out, most people visit the passport office here for ECNR. So there was a looong queue, and I had to bide my time. By the time I had moved up from 88 to 1, it was already 1:00. The lady at the counter happily informed me that neither the credit card statement nor the driving license was valid proof of address!

A couple of guys(one of whom worked in a government enterprise) had got a declaration from his company as address proof which was not accepted as well. F**ked up rules.

Finally, ended up getting into a big fight with half the guys there, and proceeded to call the Lok Ayukta and the CBI. I think I actually scared the security guy there which was about the only consolation. Anyway, here’s the thing: The Lok Ayukta cannot do anything about the Passport office ‘cos its not a state department. The CBI cannot do anything about harassment cases, they can only take action if there is a bribe involved. There was a public relations officer sitting there as well, but the queue to meet him was another mile long. End of story. Got to go again tomorrow.

Damn Damn Damn!


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  1. So what’s a valid proof of address?

    • Gas bills, phone bills (only BSNL i think), bank statement with transactions for some minimum period. Mobile bills not accepted, phone bills from private providers not accepted as well. Unless the lady at the counter is in a good mood.

      I stay with my parents. So gas, phone, all other utilities in their name. Am now off to hdfc to get the bloody statement.

      • I stay with my parents. So gas, phone, all other utilities in their name. Am now off to hdfc to get the bloody statement.

        But, hey they do accept dad’s name(d) bills. My bank / RTO / guys did it , as long you are able to prove that you are the son. What happend to the birth certificate ?

        BTW, my dad also had a haggling time in the RPO. Write your experience to Times of India, they do a good job. My dad did and the job was done.

        Wish you luck for tomorrow ! 🙂


      • Maybe because you are a minor! 🙂 Just kidding!

        Yeah, I think RTO is fine – I didn’t face any problems there, but each dept. has its own rules I guess. Birth Certificate is not address proof.

        Yeah, maybe i will write to TOI or DH.

        Thanks dude!

  2. Trying to imagine a mild looking guy like you losing his shirt is a bit hard to do 😀
    What do they need (after all that) as a proof of residence??

    • *scowling* – mild looking and me? 😉

      paan pasand. mild looking and me?

      see above reply to beerbal reg: proof of residence. Have this feeling that tomorrow is going to be another frustrating day.

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