after the long weekend….

Had fun at the Pegasus Institute. We were there for 2.5 days. Did the usual things, outdoor activities, exercises, some brainstorming, some reflecting, so on and so forth. I wouldn’t call it a good break, for I have more or less been on a long break ever since I finished the MBA, but yes, it was quite good. Left with some food for thought, and with the reassuring feeling that unhealthy paunch irrespective, I wasn’t as unfit as I figured. Not much more one can hope for from a 2.5 day outbound programme. The institute is a pretty popular destination it seems. I think just about every company in Bangalore has been there at least once. The day we reached there was another team from Wipro running around, and by the time we left, the place had already been raided by the folks from GE.

The best thing though was meeting with a whole bunch of other consulting folks from the different groups. Made quite a few acquaintances along the way.

I could not crack the Tower of Hanoi problem which was somewhat disappointing. But no matter. A strand of logic and reasoning ability lost has been worth the trouble of re-connecting with real life.

Even as I continue to follow technology trends, reading about Google and other such stuff, it seems to me that I have steadily drifted away from technology. For a while I had even almost developed a sort of revulsion to it (and paradoxically, with fanciful notions of becoming a farmer :-)), but that is happily no longer the case. But I think in the process, by and large, I have also lost some of my enthusiasm for technology (the fact that I am no longer any good at it doesn’t help of course). And seemingly happier as well.

And Oh, I got my hep glasses!


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  1. Hey, take a pic with the hep glasses and upload it!
    I can’t decipher what the current userpic is, too…

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