talk of coincidences…

…Here I am reading about the election experiences of my LJ friends, when my manager drops by and asks me to google on the election process in India. Ended up spending the better part of the day understanding the role of the EC, the different steps in the election process, and finally finished up with a 4 slide ppt on the same.

My sense of direction is completely screwed up. Had to visit the HDFC branch at Kasturba road today afternoon, to get some personal work done. Ended up going around in circles – took the wrong roads, drove on a one-way the wrong way, and generally made a fool of myself.

Am off tomorrow to some institute near Dodballapur for three days of outbound learning(whatever that is) and teaming exercise with the rest of the consulting junta. Sounds like fun!

It’s official now. The good doctor at Manipal Hospital was right. Dr. Colin Nazareth confirmed that I have short sight. Time to get the spectacular spectacles! Sigh!


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