Gmail, Doubleclick, Select

So here’s some more dope on Gmail, sourced again from The Oreilly perspective this time More on Gmail.

On an unrelated note, one thing thats always bugged me is doubleclick, that internet advertising company. When I click on a link to a page that is hosted(?) by doubleclick, like the one above for e.g., I end up at a URL quite different from the actual page. It’s scrambled to something like this “;pos=r_weblogs;sz=120×600;ord=1626098861?”, which is simply a randomly generated URL I guess. Tomorrow if I were to key in this URL on the address bar, it would take me to a 404:Page not Found. Damn irritating this, ‘cos this means I can’t just copy the URL off the address bar.

Anyways….So today, Bala and I finally found this second hand bookshop “Select”. Rather difficult to find books there though. Loads of assorted stuff, but the whole place is a bit of a mess, and many of the books are rebound, so one has to open the book to figure out the title.

Managed to pick an ancient John Kenneth Galbraith book, “American Capitalism”, published in 1956. Collectors item I guess!!


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  1. the +ve article on gmail is jus gr8 .. hope more ppl realize tht. for tht matter, hotmail, in its terms and conditions, goes on to state that all info passing thru hotmail servers is microsoft proprietary! gmail can’t be worse than that. and u r gettin a whole gb of mail space!

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