at bhubaneswar

In Bhubaneswar.

Sign outside the Department of Revenue – “Silence Please. Genius at Work”. Govt. officials with a sense of humour!!! Hoot!!!

The times, they are a changin’.

Decided to get the hell out of Angul this weekend. The heat wave has subsided a bit. It’s only 37 or so now. The plan is to leave for Puri tomorrow morning. Stay there overnight at some sea facing hotel. Then probably check out Konark on Sunday or explore Puri a bit more, and head back to Bhubaneswar on Sunday evening. I have been told to avoid the Pandas like the plague. What’s it with Pandas anyway? The ones at Rameswaram were a bloody pain too!

, any suggestions/tips on surviving Orissa?


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  1. I was there only for a short time, so there’s probably not much I can tell someone who’s living there now!

    I really didn’t find it much of a problem surviving Orissa. I found people uniformly friendly and helpful. (But certainly avoid Pandas wherever you find them, not just Orissa. Some of them have a racket going on with the priests, so they may offer their services very cheap and try to force you into performing pujas that cost much more.) Try eating the chaat in Orissa; it comes in only one variety there. And try the pani puri; it’s different from most other places. I thought the Konark temple was a very cool place. (Though it must be very hot right now.) You may find it worthwhile hiring a guide when you visit Konark. It might also be fun to wait on the beach for sunrise.

    • Thanks! Couldn’t check your response earlier, but as it turns out, i did exactly what u suggested, except for the chaat. Will try that here at Angul sometime though. Konark was very nice, i did hire a guide (and he kept going on and on about how sexually advanced india was in those times), and was on the beach for the sunrise at Puri. Magnificient.

      I actually had a very pleasant darshan at the main jaganath temple, but the priests everywhere were a mega pain. Pathetic bozos. Yeah, they tried those puja stunts on me. I think a couple of them asked the good lord to curse me too! I am doomed. 🙂

      I actually a hired an auto for the puri-konark drive. Could therefore stop as and when I pleased. Really nice that was. Nothing quite like a lush green paddy field. Incomparable.

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