Everybody is meeting everyone at Bangalore, and here I am in exile. Sigh! I think I should get a few people at Angul to blog. Maybe then we can have an LJ meet and I shall feel a bit better.

And in other news, I finished The Name of The Rose. Weird book but very engrossing. So I had to finish it, though it has caused me to delay some work I had to start on earlier. English August is next. But I am not starting on it, till this first report is done.

The AC works. For now. Hooray!!!

I took the political compasss test that jace recommended. , you are right. I am somewhat leftist, and somewhat liberal. I landed in the 3rd quadrant of that compass. The people closest to me were Gandhi, Mandela and Dalai Lama. Not bad, eh! There, now it is official. My corporate career is finito. I need to buy a farm. Which crop do you recommend?


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  1. What political compass test?

  2. Muahahaha, isshhhhhkufffffff.

    Come over to the left side Luke! I am much faaa-arther.

  3. I think you might enjoy English, August given where you are right now.

  4. Hello?

    Where art thou? Was wondering where to mail you since I don’t know any of your ids except the dsl one.Then I remembered this journal. So tell me your mail id.

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