Saturday afternoon update

Having worked myself into a minor rage over the capital market shenanigans, I switch on the TV. It’s star movies, and Michael Douglas at his domineering best in the reel life Wall Street. There’s a movie I had wanted to catch for a long time, and it happens like this. Some coincidence.

That apart, am stuck at home today. Am switching over to Sify’s broadband connection and have to wait for their networking guy to turn up in the afternoon and plug it on. Ok, its a bit of a stretch to call it broadband, still it should be better than good old dialup. A dedicated 128 kbps connection, 900 bucks for a 350 MB download limit, 2500 installation charges. No more telephone bills. Allow me a little hurrah. Hurrah! Hopefully, I shouldn’t have connectivity issues. Am only the 17th guy in the apartment to sign up for this, so I suppose it should be fairly good. Shall try it out for a month, and I guess I shall probably end up using much more than 350 MB, so its likely I will downgrade to 64 kpbs next month, with a hour limit rather than a download limit.

Mom’s off to Pune for a week as well. That meant I had to try my hand at a bit of cooking. Appa had to leave a little early on yet another consulting assignment (if i can be half as active at his age, i should count myself lucky), so while he started things off in the kitchen, it was left to me to finish it all. Made some delicious adais, bread toast, alu fry, and good old dal. Patti helped me out with some of the measures. Two spoons salt silly, not four, where’s the chilli powder – and other such minor details. Turned out pretty well. But to do this for one whole week, sigh! 😦 I think I will stick to ordering food and eating out.

Started my on again off again on again off again jogging/walking routine. Now I am doing it differently. Drive down to the JP Nagar mini forest, which is about a km away, park there, and jog a couple of rounds, (well, actually, i have only managed to jog one round and then some so far) and walk a few more. I don’t look all that unfit, but hell, I am unfit. A bit of stretches before and after, and I am done. Forty five minutes. Neat. Loads of pot bellied men and women turn up at the mini forest every morning. So its all very uplifting and cheery.

One old man ran three rounds. My aim is to get to doing three rounds within the next 10 days if this new resolution lasts so long that is. Anil Ambani can enjoy his half marathons, but for me – 3 good rounds, that will do to make me a happy young man.


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  1. Salt and chilli are minor details, eh? Well, as long as you made alu fry using potatoes, I don’t think it should be too bad! 🙂

    Sify broadband? Hurray!!

  2. i just got my DIAS today. its 850 per month for 500 MB. and the speed promised is around 128Kbps and drops to half when the phone line is in use. until now seems good.

    btw, i stay in JP nagar first phase. where is this mini forest?


    • DIAS is BSNL is it? Can you share more details. What is DIAS?

      Mini forest, its in jp nagar 3rd phase, near mandovi motors. it’s not a forest really, just called so, ‘cos with all the trees it looks a bit like one.

      • DIAS -> Direct internet access service. checkout and check on services -> internet.

        i am happy so far(its too early), though just discovered in the evening that there is also a cable guy who gives unlimited 24 hours access for 900 bucks at a max speed of 40Kbps.

        i will check out this mini forest at jp nagar sometime.

  3. Come over to my area for your walks. There’s this nice road in Hulimavu that runs parallel to Bannerghatta Road, but has no entry or exit and therefore no traffic. It’s great for a walk or jog.

    Oh wait, you’ve seen this road already. Remember?

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