saturday update

Enjoyed a good, pleasant Saturday. Woke up comfortably late, and in another couple of hours was off to the St. John’s sports complex to play cricket with my project team in the intra company cricket tournament. Some seriously arbitrary rules : for e.g. – 8 member teams, a wide = 4 runs but no reball, a no ball = 2 runs follwed by a free hit, i.e. even if you got out in the next ball it wouldn’t matter, so on and so forth. Worst of all it was a six over match and a guy could bowl only one over. Designed to ensure teams scored something in the range of 60-100 runs in 6 overs. In any case, we got wallopped in the first match, though I played reasonably well top scoring for my team.

Got back home, lunched and watched the last few scenes from Sweet November. I quite like Charlize Theron. After that got over, I watched Shakespeare in Love for a while, and midway through had to return to the sports complex for the second match. This one was fought on a more even keel, but no matter – the same end result. We lost again. That ends the cricket for me. Anyway, I enjoyed the whole thing, the matches and the few practice sessions we had last week and the week before. I would much rather stay fit doing stuff like this than go on self (and mom) enforced walks up and down the apartment complex.

Headed home again, had a quick wash, and was off to watch Lord of the Rings with Bala. Needless to say, amazing movie! I hope Peter Jackson wins the Oscar at least this time around. Would be a gross injustice if he didn’t. And one of these days, I have to get around to reading the book. Dinner at Sukh Sagar on the Inner Road road, and another nice long discussion on topics we both have strong opinions on rounded off a good long day.

Right now though, every bloody muscle in my body aches.

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