Love and Work

The fact is, this work is as dreary as shit.
I do not like it a bit.
While at it I wander off into a dream.
When I return, I scream.

If I had a lover
I’d bear it all, because when the day is over
I could go home and find peace in bed.

The boredom pulps my brain
And there is nothing at day’s end to help assuage the pain.
I am alone, as I have usually been.
The lawn is green.

The robin hops into the sprinkler’s spray.
Day after day
I fill the feeder with bird-seed,
My one good deed.

Night after night
I turn off the porch light, the kitchen light.
The weight lodged in my spirit will not go
For years, I know.

There is so much to do
There isn’t any time for feeling blue.
There isn’t any point in feeling sad.
Things could be worse. Right now they’re only bad.

Vikram Seth


Posted on February 5, 2004, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Vikram Seth wrote this??? I thought you had written it – it seemed so apt! 🙂

    • ha ha. If ever someone is confused between me and vikram seth, that will be the day. But yeps, this is indeed apt. Was reading his collected poems y’day nite and couldn’t resist posting.

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