The most fascinating interview I have read in a long time. Urge you to read it.

Beyond Greed and Scarcity


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  1. You’ve struck gold! Seriously, this is one of the most mind boggling interviews I’ve ever read – the guy is demolishing so many concepts built up over thousands of years and practially taken as a way of life – and it all makes perfect sense!!

    You know, muslims consider interest as evil and anti-religious and impose serious penalties for anyone who charges interest. Of course, to survive in today’s global economy, they camouflage the interest as “transaction charges”. Maybe there was a solid reason for them feel this way in the first place.

    Also, the similarity between the cathedrals of the 13th century and our own temple economies is striking.

    I need to read this another few times to fully grasp the implications of his theory.

  2. Haha.. Just found this post after a lot of digging – brought back a lot of fond memories! Guess we’ve been on this track for quite sometime now…


  3. Man I love you! We have to meet up in RL.

    Mail me at rajeshmehar at yahoo dot com.

    Note to self: Saying “I love you” to a man will probably make him reluctant to meet you in RL. Aah, what the heck. Cya around.

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