simple pleasures

So I played cricket for a couple of hours today morning. Woke up at 6:30, got together with a few folks from my company at one of the grounds in BTM. Felt good. Very good. Very very good. Batted for a while, bowled for a while, fielded for a while, kept for a while. The whole works. Nice. Very nice. Got back home, spent half an hour washing the car. Had an idle morning, checked mails, saw a bit of the Aussie open women’s tennis final, listened to half my real one playlists, lunched, read a couple of chapters from Everybody loves a good drought (very good beginning), blogged, practiced kannada with amma, tried to read a couple of lines from Hull, but gave up in a minute, then on a sudden whim decided to get the long postponed DVD player, drove down to Uniq at BTM, bought the Philips DVD 625K, got a couple of movies on the way back, Tehzeeb and Spiderman, saw Tehzeeb with appa and amma, crappy pirated VCD, the movie just got over, and I have to sleep. But before that this.

Some days are good.

Tomorrow I start at 6:30 again. Hopefully the forearms will be in half decent shape at least.


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  1. you’re around BTM? this is a small world… Know Divakar Hospital?

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