LJ Help!

Strange problem: Have added someone as a friend, but this friend’s posts do not appear on my friends page. And no, they are not protected or private.

Real weird. Any idea why this is so?


Posted on January 29, 2004, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. I’ve seen that sometimes on my friends page as well. Hitting refresh slightly later got the post back. No idea why.

    I assume its not a case of you forgetting to add this person to your custom friends group (if any) ?

    • No, not a refresh issue. Tried that. Well i have custom friends groups, and i have not added her to it. But that shouldn’t stop her public posts appearing on my friends page. I mean, aren’t all friends supposed to be on the friends page? You are confusing me now. And it’s only with this one person. Never with anyone else. I think I should probably try removing and adding again. Let me see if that works.

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