pune trip

Read a heck of a lot on the train. Much more than I normally do. Almost done with Globalization and its discontents. Terrific read. Its amazing how reading habits change. The books I find the most fascinating these days are almost always non fiction. And to imagine a couple of years ago, I would have been hard pressed to finish even one.

That does not make fiction any less interesting though. Bought a Claire Francis novel – “A dark devotion” on the way to Pune. Richard North Patterson territory. Hadn’t read anything by her before. Reasonably good. Finished it on the way back. Read a few PGW stories as well from the Carry on Jeeves series. And a couple of lines from Hull to feel better for having been stupid enough to lug it along.

For a change, was also fairly active at Pune. Usually just sit around at a cousin’s place and chat. This time decided to walk around a little. Checked out the Osho ashram. Beautiful place though I didn’t really get to see much. Read some of his stuff for an hour or so as I had to wait for my turn to get in.

Very cogent most of his writings. I suppose his problem was that he decided not to fit in at all. Sri Sri that way has done fairly well for himself. Just what the junta wanted. Nothing too shocking. A little breathe in breathe out. And a bit of letting go of your self restraint. Osho on the other hand – living in communes, ridiculing marriage as an institution, asking people to stop producing babies, not exactly the things that would have got him the brownie points. The one thing I noticed in the couple of hours I was there was how incredibly fit every inmate was. Half of them could well have been models not too long ago.

Got a couple of books from Crossword. Everybody loves a good Drought by P Sainath, and English August to compensate for that. Got D a couple of VCDs from Planet M for the engagement – When Harry met Sally and The Usual Suspects. One of these days I need to get a personal copy of those as well.

Saw Ek Hasina Thi. Fairly bad if one can put together such a phrase. Urmila is awful, can’t for heavens figure out why Ram Gopal Varma likes her, Saif is good though.

Decent trip overall.

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  1. Everybody loves a good Drought by P Sainath

    Good pick. I would suggest taking it in bits. I couldn’t handle it in one go.

    • Ah..Thanks!! Had heard a few good things about it, just picked it on a whim. No way can I read a book on Poverty in one go. So I guess taking it in bits – that’s more or less the way it will be.

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