Weekend update…

A productive “book reading” weekend. To begin with, I finished India Unbound. Enjoyed it thoroughly. But after a series of non fiction books, decided that I needed a break – nothing like some good fiction to clear the mind. Picked up J M Coetzee’s Disgrace. Rather unfortunately, it was a bit of a letdown. He is a brilliant writer no doubt. Some great passages, frequently imaginative word play, and I could see why he has won two Bookers and the Nobel. But the novel was too heavy and distressing. Sad woebegone characters, and the novel meandered its way to an ending that left me feeling cheated. Still, I managed to finish reading it by Sunday afternoon, and felt fine enough to start out on “Globalization and its discontents” – Joseph Steiglitz. Have read the preface and chapter 1 so far: so far so good. Not as easy a read as India Unbound though. So I guess I will have to plough my way through it -slow and steady.

Also chanced upon this treasure trove of second hand books called Blossoms (Brigade Garden building) on Thursday last. Bala purchased a few books there, but I have got another 5-6 books to read before I buy my next lot. In any case, more bang for the buck next month onwards! Goodie!

Books apart, very up and down moods these days. More often down than up. Unsure what to do about it though. Cricket, TT, badminton and all sorts of intra company tournaments starting in a week or so. Over enthu cricket team captain seems to think we should all be practicing starting today. Sounds fun. A straight drive or two should revive the spirits.


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  1. er..may I borrow the Coetzee book sometime ? Always wanted to try him out but shied away from buying.

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