Taking a stand…

I don’t always put down my ideas or speak out my thoughts. I have to be absolutely convinced about their accuracy, the truth behind the notions I have before I put them down on paper. Not everyone tends to be that way. Some are so convinced about their beliefs, their notions, they are willing to say it, let it be known firmly where they stand. They don’t see the possibilities. They have a single minded, (pig headed if you wish to be uncharitable) belief that their notions are beyond falsification. Then there are others, those who have the clarity of thought, they can see the possibilities, can imagine the scenarios, and yet they choose to make a stand. They cannot be completely sure, but they are willing to take the risk of posterity proving them wrong. They refuse to be ambivalent. They simply have to make their stand, their choices known. Funnily enough, history judges such men kindly. It turns a blind eye to the mistake and applauds the willingness to take that risk. But for those like me, even the footnotes will pass us by.


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  1. You know, its not always that way. For example, I’m not always convinced or sure if what I’m stating is correct. But I know that if I keep quite, some other fool who thinks he’s correct (but I know he’s not) is going to start blowing his own trumpet. Just to avoid the effects of that, I feel the urge to start taking active steps. History cannot judege a man who does not take a stand, for his voice is never heard and he remains anonymous.

    Sometimes, belief or faith is all you have. And all you need. That’s the difference between facts and faith. Truth needs to stand up to examination – faith does not. Only you need to believe.

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