Observation & Request of the day

The Request first

Could you folks do me a favor? Am doing a little personal project. Here’s the deal:

Need to know your favourite blog posts of 2003. Pick around 3-5 top blog posts from your respective LJ friends/other RSS feeds. You can pick more if you want to. I know it’s a difficult ask, but would be real cool if you can let me know.

Thanks in advance!

The Observation

There is a high correlation between a person’s degree of interest/knowledge of trivia and the number of proper nouns listed in the “interests” section on his/her LJ user info page. A direct relationship.



Posted on January 9, 2004, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 11 Comments.

  1. Arun?

    Your brother’s name is karthik?

  2. This is a toughie. Can I do it over the weekend?

  3. hey…..the proof in the pudding is in it’s eating and not in proportion to how many ingredients it’s got…i sorely disagree that an inflated list of interests as a measure of personal knowledge..trivial or otherwise…was that a comment thrown out to provoke response?
    on a humbler note …could i ask you to give me pointers on how i can improve my exchange of verbosity/creativity..i seem to have been bogged down in the no blog zone at a dismal score of 2 entries and 4 responses to 1 out of 2..
    grateful for a few enlightening crumbs thrown my way..

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