Dev Anand’s energy is infectious. Saw his interview with CNBC. Never mind his movies, his spirit and enthusiasm are reasons enough to admire the man.

Great news the tax cuts announced today. I suppose that should reduce the airfares by around 1k. Cheaper laptops, mobiles, other electronic goods as well. Goodie…


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  1. Customes duty exempt on laptops brought as part of luggage… Excise duty removed on DVDs and VCDs… Excise duty on computers reduced by half to 8%…

    *clap clap clap*

    Long live Vajpayee!!!

  2. Also one of Dev Anand’s pic where he is literally in tears after getting the award….

  3. I’m going to get myself another laptop – a centrino model this time.

    Real soon now (Kuala Lumpur, feb 3rd week). That should go wonderfuly well with my new linksys wrt54g wireless base station + broadband router.

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