The Sun Java Desktop

Wired Article on the Sun Java Desktop. A fairly complimentary review. Am glad, but then I am biased! I hope it works out well for them.


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  1. Huh ! The Sun Java Desktop sucks…

    But then, you know why I would be biased ! No, really : I dont like the JDS idea for a couple of reasons :

    1) The JDS is basically Linux Kernel 2.6, bundled with open source applications – wheres the “Java Desktop” in this ? I’m upset here because of Sun trying to brand this as a Jave Desktop, when actually it has nothing to do with Java really.

    2) Who gains from this ? The answer is obvious – it is Sun Microsystems, which currently is in a bad shape. It doesnt do anything for the OpenSource community (for which I have deep respect). Further, Sun Microsystems is not doing this from a philanthrophic motive – it is a aggressive corporation that wants to benefit from the gaining momentum behind Linux, since it has dried up of innovation internally.

    3) Competing with Microsoft : The JDS will compete with Microsoft Windows + Office, it is said : what I dont understand is how it competes differently with Microsoft from the 100s of Linux distros out there (Fedora, Kylix etc.)

    What do you say ?

    • Re: Huh ! The Sun Java Desktop sucks…

      🙂 lol! Now why didn’t I expect this!

      But seriously, while all your 3 points are right, I don’t think its fair to say sun’s innovation has dried up internally. Despite all the trouble they are going thru, they continue to invest heavily in R&D, probably the highest in the industry as a % of sales. Quick question, how much did the second most profitable public software company last year invest in R&D? 🙂

      And btw, Sun seems to be gaining at least a bit of initial momentum for the JDS. The chinese govt. recently ordered half a million licenses of JDS. Someone else did too.

      🙂 But as I said, I am pretty biased. Worked for 2 years on Solaris & unfortunate that linux has killed it. So just a wish that Sun finds another leg to stand on.

      As for the other distros, they all stand as good a chance as any other. It’s finally all about execution and removing the existing pain points. I am half the time on red hat these days. From a home user perspective, still not a patch on XP, but it’s getting pretty user friendly. Can’t take more than a year or two, before linux distros are ready for the enterprise desktop. I have no doubt MS will have to drastically cut down the $, if you aren’t doing it already.

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