weekend update…

So I had a nice Sunday. Captain Savera aka Vijayaraghavan was in town. Hung out with him at the oddest of places – The Sri Sri Ravishankar Ashram in Kanakapura. Reached there mid afternoon, went around checking out the place, and stayed back for the Satsang. Originally had planned to catch the Amit Heri jazz concert (a part of the Bangalore Habba celebrations) at 7 PM, but kanakapura is way too far, and the Satsang seemed interesting enuf, so stayed back there. Not a bad choice as it turned out. With the World Peace Youth Summit (or something like that) going on, there was quite a crowd. The satsang was hilarious, bhajans that sounded like rock songs, and a bunch of very talented musicians. More or less looked like a Hare Rama Hare Krishna scene bar the pot and the nicotine. I actually had a lot of fun. Ravishankar was there too, he spoke a bit, sang a bit.

Was disappointing to hear him say that the Babri Masjid demolition was ok (he didn’t say that exactly, but that was the intent nevertheless). And that the temple should be built there. Gave some garbage reasons and drew the mandatory applause for that. Left the place feeling he was nothing more than a guy with remarkable people skills. Everyone’s got good things to say about the Sudarshan Kriya course, so maybe I should do the basic kriya course one of these days. The place itself is quite beautiful. The Vishalakshi Mandap, which is the main hall there looks quite regal from the outside. If someone’s bored and has the time to spare, might be a good place to plonk yourself for the next couple of days. Lots of discussions on various social topics happening there during that period. And you could do a bit of celebrity spotting as well.

Me? I have got to study Credit Risk and Monte Carlo Simulation. Sounds exciting.

What is a Habba anyway? And oh, before I forget, God bless Ganguly. Laxman rules.

And here’s my pipedream for tomorrow – Australia bowled out in 2 sessions! 🙂

Good night ladies and gentlemen. Have an excellent week.


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  1. I did the basic course – damn good fun. The fact that I was taught by the fragrant Rhea Pillai Dutt… one of the most beautiful models in the world… has NOTHING to do with it :p

    Anyway highly recommended but like you… I could never really get serious about any group where the leader talks about the ‘ok’ness of demolishing the masjid.

    Here’s an interesting feedback from my Hamam consumers – I asked them if they would prefer Indian Eucalyptus in soap or Australian.

    “Because it would be stronger”
    “Why do you say that?”
    “Well their cricket team is very strong”

    These are the same women who said that Kerala herbs in a soap would leave your skin feeling cool because ‘Kerala is a relatively cool place’

    Sigh! The Indian middle class consumer…. is a moron!

    • The fragrant Rhea Dutt???
      –Lol!! Man, what a phrase!! 🙂 Smells positively non fishy!

      Ah, imagine how boring your life would be if the Indian middle class consumer didn’t exist man!! 🙂

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