excellent weekend!!

Ah!! This is amazing. 2 good weekends out of 3!! Life seems to have taken a turn for the better. Bala was here this weekend. And I had a jolly good time. We talked a lot, thought some, met up with the ISB junta, attended papa roach’s wedding, hogged (casa piccola is a nice place), and i ripped a few CDs that he had brought with him (beatzo, thanks to u too dude!). In 2 weeks I will be in hyderabad, and should have a swell time there as well. Touchwood. Knock wood. Bang wood.

Yesterday evening, we had about an hour to kill before Bala’s train to hyd, so walked into the sale going on at the Strand book stall in Manipal Center!! Needless to say, I ended up spending the next 3 hours there!! Got a bunch of books, blew about 1800 bucks in all. I guess this is probably my first purchasing binge ever. Hmm…I got five kurtas at Desis a month ago, but then those were much cheaper!

So here’s the list of books i got

– Globalization and its discontents – Josephy Steiglitz. Bala, got your copy too.
– India Unbound – Gurcharan Das.
– Collected Poems – Vikram Seth
– The other 90% – Dr. Robert Cooper. This one’s a self-help book.
– The Witches – Roald Dahl. This was for my kid sister.
– Genome – Matt Someobody. After reading Eugenics, I am fairly into genes these days.

The interesting change that’s come about the last few months has been my swearing off any sort of Strategy book. 🙂 There were quite a few lying around actually, but just decided to skip that section.

Add to this the three books i bought a fortnight ago (3 men in a boat, Great Gatsby, and Disgrace). For sure I am not going anywhere near the Oxford book store for the next 3 months.



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  1. Was meaning to go to the Strand book festival myself. I found it too crowded the last time round, though. Lets see…

    I will be in Hyd from Dec 10 to 14, by the way

    • I will be in Hyd from Dec 10 to 14, by the way.

      That’s great! We should all meet up then!

    • That’s cool! I am leaving on 11th and will be there till 14th too. We are having our alumni meet on 13th and 14th at ISB. Like bala says, i hope we can all meet in hyd on one of those days.

      Strand i think will be crowded every evening. Indians and discounts are like synonyms. 🙂

  2. Good that you got India Unbound – that’s the other book I wanted to buy! 🙂

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