Mahesh Murthy…

…Old hat, nevertheless not without merits. Every now and then I need these fixes…

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  1. The questions come, and the aforementioned gent is asked what it will take to play in the BPO space. (My teeth grit every time I hear ‘sector’ or ‘space’. I can’t imagine asking my Doctor friend, “How are things in the gynaecological space?” Or my cook: “What’s up in the Near-term Nourishment sector?”)

    Taking the issue of Bagchi’s business – and that of Wipro, Infy and many other coding-coolie shops…

    I feel like the boy who hesitantly suggests that maybe, perhaps, just possibly the emperor has no clothes.

    This guys is quite good! Who is he and how did you come across his posts?

    • Mahesh Murthy runs Passion Fund, which supports a few startups in Bombay. Among other things, Mahesh also conceived Quick Gun Murugun for MTV.

    • Mahesh Murthy – ex top gun at Channel V, and like jace said runs Passion Fund now….Writes for a couple of business magazines. I was looking at this site called yesterday, it’s a business networking site similar to linkedIn, there’s a bangalore network of ryze. this guy is a member of that…blogs there pretty frequently i think. was looking at his stuff, and came across this.

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