monday morning….

So I had a good time yesterday evening. Normally I would have ended up watching the Premier League, that’s what invariably happens these days when I am really bored. Yesterday though having blown over 700 bucks, even if very little for myself, at Planet M on some good music, I was just feeling too nice to spend the day indoors. Dropped myself off at MG Road, and walked down to Pinch of Jazz. Turned out that the place opens only at 7:30. Didn’t know what to do, but then Jazz reminded me of Java City. So took a rick there, and spent the next hour and half listening to some good music and observing everyone around. It’s a nice place that. Enjoyed watching the conversations, the sighs, the head banging, the attitudes, and the cold coffee. Wrote some arbitrary stuff. Thought some interesting thoughts.

Had a good, positive weekend after a while. For the moment, am enjoying my own company. I think I like being alone in crowds.

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