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Successfully ploughed through 60 odd pages of Eugenics. Fascinating to say the least. Also realizing how poor my knowledge of biology is. I am amazed I actually got so far. But David Galton writes very well. Makes it easy for me to understand, and paints a picture alternately horrifying and marvellous that I have no choice but to stay hooked.


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  1. Care to elaborate more?

    • Its a book on genetics. Discusses current possibilities that gene modification/addition etc make possible – cloning, stem cell research etc. Raises moral/scientific/ethical questions on the future of gene research? Cloning for instance makes it possible to make a baby without a man. In other words, man is redundant. You could alter a gene to cure a deadly disease. You could select the genes you want your baby to have. Some of these are not reality yet. But the day is not far off when they will be. However, what if it goes wrong? What if a dictator somewhere gets his hands on these technologies. What if a grotesque mutation occurs? There are arguments for and against it, but the author himself is inclined towards gene research(at least so far). Understandable given that he is a scientist himself.

      • Read Larry Leach’s CCPM. Can try some new jargon in front of your bosses and maybe demand a promotion 🙂

      • Given the context, i thought it would be about genetics, but google tells me its Critical Chain project management. 🙂 Not sure i need any more of project mgmt. rite now, but nevertheless thanks for the tip! Seems interesting, will see if i can lay my hands on the book.

        One of the conclusions I am drawing is that unlike what most people think, it’s as much about the tools we use as it is about the approach.

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