Azim Premji foundation..

Oh well..So it didn’t quite work out. Can’t say I didn’t expect that. Nevertheless can’t say it’s not deflating either.

I had applied to the Azim premji foundation sometime ago. And finally hopped across today for a short discussion.

Actually, for a while now, I have wanted to shift to the social development sector. NGO if you would like. Thought that the AP foundation would be a good place to get into, and do some useful work.

Things unfortunately don’t quite work that way. To dream and to hope is all fine, but only till the guy sitting opposite you asks something so fundamental as
“So my friend, what do you bring to the table?”

You know this is a question that’s going to crop up, you have thought a while about that, but you still aren’t quite sure what’s a good answer to that one. I mean, what can an MBA with not much experience to speak about (at least nothing to do with education/public policy/educational software) bring to the table? A loud fart I guess. No, not really. I did think, that given the opportunity, I could work hard enough to make things happen. Things I feel should be happening already. So in short, the answer would go something like blood, sweat and tears your honour.

That might have worked for Churchill, today’s leaders and managers are a little more demanding. Such statements don’t cut much ice. So you have to make do with other answers. Paint a picture of strategy, marketing and operations coming together to transform rural India. Or something along those lines at least.

All that is fine, but what kind of salary do you expect? Ah, there it comes, that well foreseen yet inescapable manhole that will suck you under.

Passion is all fine my friend, and I commend your interest, but as of today there isn’t much you bring to the table, and you ask for a compensation package that will spark a riot among my current employees.

Hell, what can I do if I have a bloody huge EMI I ask you?

You don’t apply to an NGO my friend.


I didn’t quite leave it at that, but at the end of the day, it does boil down to this

I am untested and unaffordable. Period.

So I guess I am more or less back to where I started out, the cold hard truths I have been running away from.

Stick to technology, my domain is financial services, so just work bloody hard, giving a damn for my reasonably well founded reservations against the financial services world.

Think of a good business idea, and get started on the long hard entrepreneurial road bloody well soon.

Compromises. Dreams. At least the road is long.


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  1. You’re born cold, hungry, wet and naked…


    Life gets worse.


    You die!

    Oh well.

  2. What’s the money like in the voluntary sector? It’s important to get what you’re worth, right? Or is it altruism gone mad?

    • Actually it’s fairly decent. Not too low or anything. You could get probably around 20k p.m, give or take a couple of thousands. Of course if you have more experience, you can get more. It’s not too bad, if you don’t have loans/other responsibilities and are not particularly materialistic.

      No, I am not that altruistic.

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