rohit brijnath…

Rohit Brijnath’s writing is beautiful. You pick a Sportstar, and you see an article by Rohit, you know you are in for a treat. Even better that he covers tennis.


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  1. Umm, I presume you don’t care much for Nirmal Shekhar’s

  2. damn! You take all the fun out of message-boarding. 🙂

    Here I was kinda hoping that you will have some delightfully opinionated reasons
    to go postal on Nirmal Shekar, on how he is such a sucky writer who should be
    forced to watch endless replays of Ramesh Krishnan running, etc., etc.

    I ask you, is it fair? Where’s the fun in posting your opinions if
    both parties are already in complete agreement about a given topic? 🙂

    Regarding Rohit, I admit haven’t read anything by him, but I have started reading Sportstar again recently (where I was so happy to see Nirmal’s summary of Pete’s place in tennis history), but Rohit lost me the moment i started reading an article by him. Basically the opening para. read like something straight out of Grecian urn’s journal. 🙂 All about how he as an immigrant he was feeling so sorry for himself, how desperately he needed to feel emotionally connected to his native land, how he tried to fulfill this longing of his by obsessively surfing the sports pages of the various Indian papers on the net, etc, etc.

    But now I have to give him another try on your say-so. 🙂

    • 🙂 Lol! Am surprised rohit wrote that way. In fact i like him, because he writes quite like nirmal – somewhat exaggerated, very metaphorical larger than life depiction of matches/games/events, its a style i enjoy reading more often than not. Yeah, u should give him another try. And if u still don’t concur, then maybe… 🙂

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