The View – A sonnet

My first attempt at a structured sonnet. Have followed the traditional 8 line stanza + 6 line stanza. An eight syllable line followed by a ten syllable line except for the last 2 lines where I reverse the order. Originally tried to write it in the form of an iambic pentametre (i.e. 10 syllables per line – unstressed and stressed syllables alternating), but it was too damn difficult, so gave up pretty quickly. Must say it’s rather painful to write anything but free verse.

The view from where I stand is dim
And it is not the clouds I speak about
Not to say that they are not too
Yet they pale when confronted by my hopes
That set out to rain with passion
When in the sly darkness of the unknown
Despite the odd flash of greatness
Had petered into a stunted drizzle

Not to say the view should not change
Mistakes are made, the wrong detours taken
To stop is to live with the fall
And I have to shrug, walk that little way
Around the humdrum and the rejections
Shower the well-worn roads afresh

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  1. Told you you could write ๐Ÿ˜‰

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