long pause…

It took me 4 nights with Red Hat to figure that I miss XP. Opera looks so much nicer on XP. The screen looks better, the fonts look better, hell, except for the connectivity, I think I still prefer XP.

Sick of trying to making GAIM work. The RPM has hazaar dependencies, the source tar file does not build properly. Possibly something that I am doing wrong, but hell, I am running out of patience.

Too much of techie work for a week. Will get back to struggling with Red Hat in a couple of days, but this is just what I needed to reassure myself that despite everything, the last year was far from a mistake.

For now, I need to get back to reading a novel, watching the US open, and figuring out education policies for India.

Did ya know the annual budget for education is only $19 billion? The UN’s millenium dvlpmt goal is universal primary education before 2015. So what does the govt. of India do? Reduces the definiton of minimum primary education from 8 years of schooling to 5 years. Smart eh?

Top management churn. Too much confusion at work. Not a single non billable resource is working. I go, I look around, I return. Whee Whee Whee…


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