Odds and ends…

Here’s a comment from an article by Mike Baldwin, CIO, Global Markets, Deutsche Bank.

“Organic career paths will change. For example, we do not expect to offer entry-level jobs in basic coding (writing the actual computer code), but good managers will need some knowledge of the process to design, buy, and manage the product delivered by others. Will our new hires have this background from academic or previous work experience, or will we need to arrange for junior placements with our vendor partners?”

Maybe he is exaggerating it a bit, nevertheless it is an interesting thought – that a financial institution as huge as DB foresees a day not too far off when it shall actually not have a programmer on its rolls. That paints a picture of a programmer as an assembly line worker. Which to a certain extent, knowledge economy irrespective, he already is.

What concerns me though is this – Today a good technical architect is a rarity, but who is to say that in ten years time, he shall not be any better than a foreman, just another guy with 10 yrs of experience, not 1. Already some colleges in India are beginning to understand the need to refocus computer engineering. It is no longer just about the logic or the output of the program; it is also about zero defects, and timely delivery. When a new engineer enters the industry with that attitude, that foreman future is not too far off. Even if he is a better paid foreman. The TOI Ascent may carry only development jobs, and someone might think that IT still is the place to be, but that is not the conclusion I shall draw.

Software has successfully pretended to be a consumable output for a long time, truth is, it is not. IT might still matter, but the people who do IT will not have much of a say in that.

How do I kill the next 5 hours?


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  1. How do I kill the next 5 hours?

    “Maybe you can do something different!”


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