More linux…

…The experiment continues… Immediate difference in download speed – up from 2.5 – 3 Kbps in Windows to 4-4.5 kbps in Red Hat. Neat.

Two browsers preinstalled, Mozilla and Konqueror. Konqueror doesn’t seem to have a built in download manager, but seems to be faster. I have also downloaded Opera. Shall install and check that. Guess, shall settle for either Mozilla or Opera.

No built in mp3 player. That was suprising, but apparently some intellectual property worries caused Red Hat not to bundle it in. Anyway, i downloaded the XMMS player. Plays ok, the UI very similar to winamp, but the sound doesn’t seem to be as good. Not sure if i am imagining it, or if that really is the case. Doesn’t look like there is any other mp3 player available for Red Hat 9. Quite surprising that.

Just finished downloading GAIM for messaging. Time to check that out. Let’s see how it goes…

Baby steps into the Linux world appear promising.



Posted on August 26, 2003, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Try Galeon for browser .. amaazingly cool.

  2. Rhythmbox is GNOME media player inspired Apple’s iTunes.

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