viva futbol!

There’s a new star on the footballing horizon. Christiano Ronaldo. If today’s Man U match was anything to go by, this new Ronaldo holds the key to their season’s success.
Beckham won’t be missed.

Beats me how the Indian hockey team can let Holland score 4 goals in 8 minutes. Amazing!

I did open the cooker. The rice turned out well, the alu fry turned out well too. Not bad for a beginning. T N Seshan once said, all palghat iyers turn out to be one of 4 C’s – cooks, crooks, and i forget the other two. Looks like with some practice, I can live up to my heritage.

Bowled at Amoeba today, scored a decent 137, as also the most spectacular shot of the day. Spun the ball all the way from the right edge of the lane back towards a single pin on the left corner that my first shot had missed. Beautiful. Made my day.

Saw 3 deewarein yesterday. Agree with madhav, this is Kukunoor’s best so far. He is a darn good writer, but he is still not in the same league as a Ramgopal Varma or Mani Ratnam as far as technique goes.Kukunoor doesn’t play enough with lights. Nevertheless, no complaints, absolutely loved the movie. Also just the second movie I have seen all by myself. Practicing my driving on the outer ring road, i happened to pass by the new multiplex.

Three times now in the past one year or so, I have switched on the tele to see US Marshals being shown on TV. Always the same scene, Wesley Snipes and some lady trying to jump over a wall as Tommy Lee Jones gives pursuit. Coincidence? Weird


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