Every now and then I go all wrong with judging a person’s character. Today I add one more to that list. When I joined DSL, the first guy I ended up disliking was the guy who I had to interact with for my training project-the head of the process group. The couple of times Sachin and I tried to speak with him, he just wouldn’t listen to us, saying he was busy or some such nonsense. Then he went off to London on some consulting assignment, and we couldn’t get any inputs from him after that.

After I made my presentation, and somehow got convinced by that charming smart ass SK into working on the PSP, Ravi(that’s the process group head) was officially designated as my mentor. And while he doesn’t say it openly, it is quite obvious that he thinks PSP is highly impractical given the way things work over here. If I were in his place, I would be of that opinion as well. The good thing with being a B school grad with bright new ideas is that you don’t necessarily see it that way. You convince yourself that this is a radical concept that needs to be explored, that shall somehow lift this place out of the morass it finds itself in. Maybe I am a bit harsh there, morass is a harsh word, but I have been at a place where things ticked along merrily, not a hitch, not a blue screen. And it gets my goat to face the same energy sapping minor irritants day in and day out over here.

Anyway I digress. Returning to Ravi, after the interactions I have had with him over the last few weeks, I must admit that I have been hasty in judging him. Despite his lack of faith in PSP, he has been nice enough to let me be. Not dumping some random documentation work, which he could easily have asked me to handle by the side. I have no doubt that if I had been with someone else, I would be doing exactly that. Buying wine from the Leela for a prospective client, making flow charts because the boss was too lazy to do it himself, and being asked to collect arbitrary data for a want of anything better to do.

Why, today he even advised me on what I should be doing. Not very subtly hinting that I should figure better things to do. Oh well…

But the thing is when you read sufficiently on an idea, you convince yourself that the idea has some merit. That is the state of affairs right now. While the mind says that PSP isn’t going anywhere (it’s too much of a pain for non process oriented people to go anywhere, and I am probably first on that list. I decided to try it out on myself, and gave up pretty quickly).

But there’s still this teeny weeny hope lurking somewhere that “hey, arun, here’s what you are gonna do. You are going to go out there, get these project managers into the board room, make your presentation, show the demo, and speak so well, that they are going to be convinced”.

Lol, what a riot. Like that is ever going to happen.

Now Ravi, you better make sure I didn’t waste my time with this post.


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