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With nothing much to do, decided that the best way to check out PSP was to program myself. So am doing exactly that. Downloaded the process dashboard from sourceforge yesterday night, and used the new pen drive for the first time to get the files to the office. Forgot to get the driver CD but luckily Bala reminded me that Windows 2K had the drivers pre-installed. Shwetha’s machine thankfully was 2K, so didn’t have to waste too much time looking for one. Got the tool working, and spent the afternoon figuring it out. It’s far niftier than PSPStudio, and encapuslates just about everything that PSP covers. It took me a while to understand the interface, had to sort out a few irritants. But have figured out most of it now. Next step is to pick one of those PSP assignment problems, and work on it the PSP way. Once that’s done, shall, in all probability catch hold of one of the project managers, and ask him to try it out in his project. One of the ASM projects most likely. They are stable, and no severe deadline pressures I would presume.

The one thing I need to figure out though is the LOC dependency. It’s highly unlikely we will use LOC as the size measure, whereas PSP uses LOC just about everywhere. Theoretically it doesn’t matter, PSP should work with function points, screens, task complexity as well, but that would mean alterations to the tool.

A much better day overall. I am told Watts Humphrey is so measurement driven, he can tell you exactly how long he will take to do anything he has ever done more than a couple of times.

Borrowed this book on Risk called Against the Gods by Peter Bernstein today. Promises to be an interesting read. The beginning was exciting enough to ensure I read some more later tonight.

And I am yet to figure out how to get the lane tidied up. Bloody awful. At least I am sustaining my thinking about it. Some progress I guess.

Walking slowly sucks.


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