wonder what, wonder where…

I think I have just lost the enthu for pubbing. Rather difficult to be enthusiastic I suppose, when I don’t drink in the first place. It’s now twice in a row I have chickened out of pub hopping. Not much point meeting up with junta here considering that it almost always ends in a pub. I need to figure out better things to do on my weekends. The Telly is getting to be a dangerous habit. And walking down the only three roads in Bangalore at 6:00 PM on any damn day is turning out to be rather unappetizing. I probably should take up a writing course. Shall see if I can figure something out this week.

Semagic can’t detect the music. Maybe it’s unable to interpret Tamil. More likely, entranced by Bombay Jaishree and Vaseegara.


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  1. I don’t drink either, and I have about two weeks left in Bangalore. Let’s meet up more often.

    • Two weeks? What? How? Why? Me’s a little tied up tomorrow till afternoon.

      But if you ain’t doing anything in particular we could meet up tomorrow evening or on Sunday evening. I believe there’s good jazz band(not that I would know) at Java City every Sunday. Maybe u could try to see if u can get a couple of others over as well? Chetan, khorgath etc etc. What say?

      • I’m off to Goa in mid August.

        A few members of Jazz Revival play under the name “Jazz 4 U” at Java City, Church Street on Saturdays and Sundays. I don’t remember the timings exactly, but I think it is 4:30 to 7:30 on Saturday and 5 to 8 on Sunday.

        We could meet there. We’re also trying to get tickets for T3 for the evening or night show.

  2. And the software industry novel, you bum?!

    • hey vj, me in hyd on 31, 1 and 2. u will be there i hope?

      • Great! Let’s meet up.
        I don’t have any campus recruitment trips at that time, so I’ll be in town. I can show off Hyd’s latest impress-the-foreigners gimmick, the Prasad multiplex + IMAX theater.
        (No, it’s good, despite being a Naidu-style publicity stunt…worth a dekho. Been there for T3 this weekend).

      • Call me. Phone numbers in your email.

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