Played Scotland Yard yesterday afternoon. I was Mr. X. Managed to last 20 moves and 2 and half hours without getting caught. By then Roch and Rupa were bored to death and Nidhi and I were just about beginning to get ragged as well. So decide to terminate.I quite enjoyed the game. In the evening, we did the usual walk down MG road, by when Pratyush had joined us. Roach left. The other folks wanted to catch a movie, but with the strike yesterday, that plan didn’t materialize.

With the rain coming down, we decided to take shelter at Kaveri. Spent a while checking out the stuff till the rains subsided a bit, then headed back to Nidhi’s flat for a cuppa strong coffee. Headed back home around 8. Decent day overall.


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  1. How many people turned up? And who all?

    Our party was a grand success, though not in the intented way.. Almost the entire hyderabad crowd turned up and we had a potluck dinner… Excellent food, good liquor (so I’m told) and nice music. We finished dinner by about 10:30, distributed the year book to all the guys and then headed upstairs to play Scotland Yard.. Appa was nominated unaimously as the fugutive and I headed the team of detectives.. By the 6th move or so, just when people had begun to grasp the intricacies of the game, there was growing restlessness and Abhinav suggested that everyone play psycho instead… That triggered it! Scotland Yard was junked and Psycho it was, with Swathi right in the middle of it! Good fun, followed by 3 hours of dumbcharades! By the time people left, it was almost 3:30 AM! We went to sleep by 4:30 and got up at 12:30 PM on Sunday!

    What’s the moral of my story? Never play Scotland Yard at 10:30 in the night when most of the “detectives” are already sloshed and swimming in Romanov Vodka…

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