and today…

Another trip down to the Oxford book store today afternoon. 2 more books purchased. Quite a steal really. The old man and the Sea by Hemmingway for Rs. 50 and One hundred years of solitude by Marquez for Rs. 250. Credit card put to good use again. The Cha bar at Oxford has about 60 different varieties of tea, maybe more. So far I have tried a measly 6-7. Shall persevere to try all before employer quits Leela or before I quit employer.

Look what the The Code Book has done. Cunning me, notice how cleverly I camouflage the name of the organization where I work. This is called a Substitution Cipher by the way. Actually, not really; it’s just a very obvious code. Now if I had said I work for LSD, that would be a transposition cipher. . The last chapter of the book is on Quantum Cryptography. Simon Singh says that Quantum Cryptography is unbreakable. I would certainly think so. The quantum cipher uses polarization principles and I kind of lost it there. Another day, another attempt.

Finished one of the PSP books. Still unsure how to go about it. Tried maintaining a time log today. Not very successfully. At 6:00 PM, it reflected 2 and half hours of actual work. Ahemm…


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  1. Two and a half hours of work in a whole day? Damn! You beat me to it by exactly 2 hours and 15 minutes!! Oh well, one can’t win ’em all…

    BTW, how do you know what books to buy? Here is poor me, struggling with choice (or the lack of it) and there you are, buying books every weekend! And you didn’t even bat an eyelid to my pitiful plea of help…

    And have you read the stories of Saki (H.H.Munro)? I’ve read a few stories at school as part of the Non-Detailed English syllabus (I can actually remember it!) and found it pretty interesting…

    • I didn’t know what books to buy!! Went down for chai at cha bar. Ended up browsing through the books, chanced upon these two, figured the price was decent, picked it up.

      Hmm…i thought that plea for help was addressed to rest of LJ junta 🙂

      I am right now looking for a book called “Saving capitalism from the capitalists” by Raghuram Rajan. Not available around here… If u see it, let me know. Actually going through a non-fiction phase right now…Yesterday’s purchases were more an aberration, books i had wanted to read for a long time, but had just been putting off.

      Saki is pretty good. I had read a couple in school too. My fav. short story writer is O Henry. Try William Dalrymple if you like travelogues. Very good writer. Another excellent book is A simple plan, by Scott Smith. It was also made into a movie. Try The moral animal by Robert Wright. I had read his book non zero a couple of months ago. Brilliant. I am assuming the moral animal must be as good.

  2. After a hard way of work, I can account for 6.5 hrs. Max.
    It’s frustrating to find time pass like that…

    What does PSP have to say about all those invisible minutes you spend on dashing off emails to teammates?

    • 6.5 hours is amazing!! PSP allows you to decide for yourself what is work and what is not. IF dashing emails was work related, then i guess u can count that. The interesting thing about the time log is the column u keep on “interruption time”. Interesting to keep track of how and for long u keep getting interrupted.

      There’s a guy who has created a PSP toolkit. I don’t remember the url right now, but u could google. I haven’t used it myself, so can’t say what’s it like.

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