ISB Term 1 done…

Absolutelly marvellous morning. My first term is done, well… almost done. Exams on monday and tuesday. And then I am off to b’lore for a well deserved break. Think I am finally beginning to get a grip on things. I need to take this on to the next term. Do something interesting, make the most of my time here. Need to put in a lot of thought this break.

With Zidane out of the world cup, I needed to find a new favourite. And I think I have found mine. Japan are a very good team. I like the way they play. Open, aggressive, and sometimes even dynamic. I am tipping them for a semifinal place. And I hope they go all the way.

We had Ramalinga Raju here yesterday to open the EVC club activities for the year. A little bit of a fiasco, the organizing. Amazes me how these incredibly successful people turn out to be so modest. Best of all, Abdul kalam will be here on 22nd for the convocation ceremony of the previous year’s batch. Re-assuring to know, that ISB is still doing all it can to make the big guys take notice.

Back to accounts for now.


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  1. Check out ,the guys on Bangalore are wonderful.
    Hmm,Spain should be your new favourite.Raul is on top form.
    I fancy Spain and Italy in finals.

    • raul….
      don’t fancy raul much. he’s a very good footballer, but rather unsportive. but yes, spain do look very good. and quite an impressive from england today. guess, the big guys are finally turning it on.

      • Re: raul….
        Friday will be interesting…England vs. Brazil…
        (It’s at 12:30 in the afternoon…I guess the office crowd will be in 10 D, or wherever there’s a big screen, for the match…)

  2. Did I say we love visitors in ? 🙂 Tell us when you are here.

    • thankz…
      visitor and me?? 🙂 b’lore’s home mate… but yes, thanks for the invite… hopefully, when things ain’t as tight as now, shall give u guys a buzz!! have a good sunday. sleep well.

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